Friday, April 20, 2007

This is not a test...

To paraphrase Admiral* Leitch of the SS Deadspin, "This is where the genius words will come."

*admiral = someone whom I admire. Most people refer to people whom they admire or respect as "heroes" but that can't be right. A hero is someone special, yes, but such a title has to be reserved for someone that saves lives or exudes bravery. People just throw the title of hero around and it cheapens the meaning. You're a hero! I'm a hero. Everyone is a hero! No. 9/11 first responders are heroes. Spider-man and captain america are heroes. But someone whose work I admire or who has the ability to leave me in awe because of their talent is not a hero. I feel that I need to differentiate the two groups. So, that presents the problem of what to call this gifted other group of non-heroes in my world (and believe me, they are numerous as you will find in the time to come). Well, since everyone else is allowed to erroneously annoint people as heroes, I will follow suit in my own way and henceforth call people that I highly respect and admire (but aren't quite heroes) "Admirals.". I think it fits. And its still pretty badass.

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